HOWTO backup with find and tar

14. Juni 2015 ELExGspot zero comment

Short and simple way to backup an entire directory and a mysql database. Log some informations and send an email when the job is done. This bash script was write…

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bash command list files and directories

22. Februar 2014 ELExGspot zero comment

List files and directories on Linux systems using command line l.. long list a.. „all“ files and directories, even hidden s.. block size (use „h“ instead, for human readable bytes;-)…

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How a webserver works

16. Januar 2014 Alexander Stocker zero comment

Grundkenntnisse und Begriffe webserver to serve –> zu dienen, bereit zustellen

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HOWTO read EXIF from files

12. Dezember 2013 ELExGspot zero comment

Getting the EXIF file type using the command line in case you have a huge amount of *.REN Files or you just don’t know why a file can’t be viewed…

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