FistsOfDoom released on GitHub

29. April 2014 Alexander Stocker one comment

Counting human casualties on, so called „holy“, crusades. Help us counting an spread the word.

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NominateIt 1.0 BETA on GitHub released

27. April 2014 Alexander Stocker one comment

Nominate someone to earn an award of your choice and make suggestions for nominations. NominateIt is an open source web application based on HTML5, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript (jQuery mobile)…

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X3D Torii Itsukushima Schrein

11. Januar 2014 ELExGspot zero comment

Torii Itsukushima Schrein von Stefan Rupp als 3D Modell (x3d)

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Geolocate IP fully automated without database – mapIP

10. Januar 2013 ELExGspot one comment

Track down! Geolocate IP who is hacking your system Geolocate IP addresses (from Text files) by whois check and google maps api, fully automated. Demo: GitHub:

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