X3D Torii Itsukushima Schrein

11. Januar 2014 ELExGspot zero comment

Torii Itsukushima Schrein von Stefan Rupp als 3D Modell (x3d)

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HTML5 Logo 3D Blender and X3D

25. Februar 2012 ELExGspot zero comment

HTML5 Shield Logo as 3D scene Download Blender file (v2.62): html5_logo.blend X3D Scene: html5_logo.x3d

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x3dom Building Blender scene

28. Januar 2012 ELExGspot zero comment

3D made easy with x3dom, using some JavaScript and CSS. X3D, former known as wrl or vrml97, is going to be the next big thing after HTML5 and probably will…

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