HowTo capture screen to animated GIF using Linux

Tools used

  • xdotool
  • byzanz-record

Environments tested

  • Ubuntu 14.04/Linux Mint Rosa 17.3


$ sudo apt-get install byzanz xdotool



1. Get the position and size of the window you want to capture


$ sleep 3s && xdotool getwindowgeometry $(xdotool getactivewindow)

Window 56627781
Position: 470,79 (screen: 0)
Geometry: 439x673

In this example you have 3 seconds to open or focus window you want to capture.


2.  Set options like Position(X,Y), Windows size (W,H), Delay and where to save the animated GIF


$ byzanz-record --delay=3 -x 470 -y 79 -w 439 -h 673 ~/Pictures/sample.gif

You may need to ajust -w -h options a little



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