Ubuntu Gnome Shell change launcher destination

Edit Gnome shell launchers to point to another executable than default
For Example: You’ve installed Eclipse 3.7 „Indigo“ and want to change to Eclipse 4.3 „Kepler“ but you don’t want to delete your old „Indigo“ till you feel confident about „Kepler“.

I still don’t but after updating some plugins, all plugins and configurations disappeared. The bad thing on it: not being able to restore! So I moved on, and did what I’v started a view month ago: Migrate my Projects from Kepler to Indigo.

1. Copy Eclipse Indigo launcher to for example eclipse_kepler.desktop

$ cd /usr/share/applications
$ sudo cp eclipse.desktop eclipse_kepler.desktop

2. Edit eclipse_kepler.desktop with an editor you’r familiar with and change file content like this

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Eclipse Kepler
Comment=Eclipse Kepler Integrated Development Environment

Make sure to change/edit Name and Comment to distinct „Kepler“ from “ Indigo“, or if time doesn’t mater, find anonther Icon and replace the default.

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